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Instruments Resonator spectrometer

Resonator spectrometer for studies of atmospheric lines and continuum (Device 018 )

The width of resonance response is in direct proportion to the radiation absorption by a gas sample. Fast (60 µs/step, 0.2 µs switching time) digital frequency scanning without phase jumps while switching is used for recording resonance response. Shape of the resonance is treated by analogy with a narrow molecular absorption line.

  • Achieved frequency range of absorption measurements 37-500 GHz
  • Achieved accuracy of resonance width measurements 20 Hz
  • Absorption variation sensitivity 410-9cm-1
  • Achieved range of temperatures:
  • stabilized within 220 - 370 K
    non-stabilized within 10 - 220 K
  • Achieved range of gas pressures: 0 – 1000 Torr

Principle of absorption measurements

Detailed description of the spectrometer

Accuracy of measurements

Atmospheric continuum measurements

Water dimer detection

Examples of the spectrometer use for "in situ" observation of atmospheric lines.

For more details and the spectrometer applications see [Ref. 11 (2000), Ref. 4 (2009), Ref. 1,2 (2013)].

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