MicroWave Spectroscopy Laboratory

Main directions of activity Studies of intermolecular interactions

Studies of molecular interactions through observed lineshape; pressure broadening shifting and mixing of collisional spectral lines

Large collisional lineshifts were discovered, which played a significant role in the introduction of shift measurements into practice of microwave spectroscopy and helped to investigate the dependence of collisional lineshifts on a number of parameters. The effect of nonadditivity of collisional lineshifts in the system of molecular transitions was also revealed. The developed methods of precision broadband resonator spectroscopy permitted accurate studies of the shape of atmospheric lines and bands, including measurement of line broadenings, shifting and mixing at atmospheric pressure, measurement of integral line intensity and studies of continuum absorption. The first applications of pressure lineshift studies were proposed. The first physically based approach to quantitative analysis of pressurized water vapor spectra at high temperature taking into account line mixing effect as well as collisional formation of small molecular clusters was developed.

Examples of lineshape studies with RAD spectrometer.

Examples of lineshape studies with resonator spectrometer.

Example of analysis of pressurized water vapor spectra.


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