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Example of lineshape studies

Molecular line pressure broadening, shifting and mixing studies using a BWO based submillimeter-wave frequency synthesizer with RAD gas cell.

    Typical recording for the 183-GHz water vapor line profile in gas mixture. (Exp-Fit) residuals obtained by using different models under pressures shown in the inset. Ratio of collisional to Doppler line width is 37 (reported at HRMS2017, Helsinki).

    Broadening of CO, J=1-0 line by pressure of various foreign gases [Ref. 7 (1999)]

    Central frequency shift of H2O, (3,1,3)-(2,2,0) line by pressure of various gases [Ref. 9 (2005)]

    Study of profile of J=10-9 rotational multiplet of CF3H molecule at pressures from 0.01 up to 10 Torr [Ref. 1 (2008)]


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