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...Oleg Polyansky and Jonathan Tennyson of University College London and their colleagues say in last week's Science (vol 277, p 346) that they have used computers to work out what the infrared spectrum of a watery sunspot at 3000 °C should look like. Comparing it with the real thing, they found an almost perfect match... (issue 2092 of New Scientist magazine, 26 July 1997, page 25)

...The team was led by Oleg Polyansky, a theoretician from Russia's Institute of Applied Physics; Nizhnii Novgorod, who works with co-researcher Jonathan Tennyson, a physicist at University College, London; and UW chemistry Prof. Peter Bernath, an expert in molecular astronomy. Other team members included Serena Viti, Nikolai Zobov, Lloyd Wallace. In their 1995 study, the team recorded evidence of water -- not in liquid form because the sun is too hot, but as vapor or steam -- in dark sunspots... (University of Waterloo Press Release no. 115 -- July 17, 1997)

...Dr. Oleg Polyansky and colleagues at University College London and Russian Academy of Sciences report today in the journal Science that water does indeed exist on the Sun... (The Daily Telegraph, July 18 1997)

...scientists have spotted the equivalent of the snowflake in hell. They have confirmed the presence of water on the sun... (The Guardian, July, 18, 1997)

... Spectrometers pointed at the Sun - which monitor the electromagnetic radiation given off by atomic bonds as they vibrate - give results identical to those predicted by the computer models, showing that water molecules are present in sunspot areas... (The Independent, July 18, 1997)

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