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JMS cover papers
Study of microwave and submillimeter-wave spectra of the mixed deuterated-protonated water-dimer isotopomers produced in pulse-nozzle molecular beam (JMS 181, 229-245 (1997)).
Development of modern broad band millimeter-wave resonator spectroscopy on the base of fast sweeping frequency synthesizer.
(Measurements of dialectrical properties of solid, liquid and gaseous samples in particular studies of atmospheric molecular lines.) The spectrometer has essential advantages among all other known analogs (JMS, 202, 107-115 (2000)).

Spectrum of water molecule recorded with high sensitivity by use of cavity-rind-down spectrometer in the range 555-604 nm was analyzed on the basis of first principals variational calculations (JMS 205, 117-121 (2001)).
Precision measurement of shifting and broadening parameters of the 183 GHz water line by pressure of various atmospheric gases using our spectrometer with Radio Acoustic Detection (JMS 230, 196-198, (2005)).
Study of submillimeter-wave spectrum of H20-HF dimer in equilibrium gas phase with continuous frequency scanning microwave spectrometer RAD-3 (JMS, 241, 124-135 (2007)).
Spectroscopy underlying microwave remote sensing of atmospheric water vapor (J. Mol. Spectrosc., 328, 7-26 (2016)).

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