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The Laboratory (full official name is Microwave Spectroscopy Department) was organized in 1977, with the establishment of IAP RAS. The Laboratory was formed on the base of works of the group of A.F. Krupnov in NIRFI which led to developments of submillimeter wave spectrometer with Backward Wave Oscillators (BWOs) and acoustic detection (RAD) and the phase lock-in system of submillimeter BWOs (both in 1970). Both those developments proved to be very successful and gave good perspective for many further developments of submillimeter wave spectroscopic technique and investigations of molecular spectra (see Instruments and List of publications). The department of microwave spectroscopy was the first in the new Institute to recieve the USSR State Prize in Science (1980, "For Development of Submillimeter Wave Spectroscopy with Backward Wave Oscillators"). Current activity of the Laboratory is presented on the site. A.F. Krupnov headed the Laboratory from 1977 to 2005; at the present is M.Yu.Tretyakov is Head of the Laboratory.

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