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Instruments 35-400 GHz range  BWO radiation spectral characteristics

BWO radiation spectral characteristics:

Blue solid line is phase locked-in BWO radiation spectrum at about 310 GHz

Red dashed line corresponds to free-running BWO output spectrum (the spectrum bandwidth is determined by stability of the BWO power supply).

Phase locked-in BWO radiation spectrum close to the carrier frequency.
The 10-Hz spectrum band width at FWHM is determined by the resolution of the used spectrum analyzer.

Phase locked BWO radiation phase noise plot (Agilet 8254A microwave synthesizer was used as reference)
Black: BWO operating at 310 GHz. Blue: phase noise of Agilent 8254A harmonic at 103 GHz. Red: phase noise of Agilent 8254 synthesizer operating at 18 GHz

The plot clearly demonstrates an increase of phase noise by a factor of 20log(n) with frequency up-conversion by PLL. n - reference frequency multiplication factor.

Contribution of the PLL to the BWO radiation phase noise can be estimated as:

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