MicroWave Spectroscopy Laboratory

List of publications 2000

Our scientific articles (2000)
    1. A.F. Krupnov, M.Yu. Tretyakov, G.Yu. Golubyatnikov, A.M. Schitov, S.A. Volokhov, and V.N. Markov, Technique of Broadband Measurements of Frequency Conversion Efficiency for Each Harmonique in Frequency Multipliers up to Terahertz Range, Int. J. of IR and MM Waves, 21, No. 3, P. 343-354 (2000).
    2. Zobov N.F., Polyansky O.L., Tennyson J., Shirin S.V., Nassar R., Hirao T., Imajo T., Bernath P.F., Wallace L., Using laboratory spectroscopy to identify lines in the K- and L-band spectrum of water in a sunspot, Astrophysical Journal, 530, (2) 994-998, Part 1 FEB 20 (2000).
    3. Polyansky O.L., Prosmiti R., Klopper W., Tennyson J., An accurate, global, ab initio potential energy surface for the H3+ molecule, Molecular Physics, 98, (5) 261-273 (2000).
    4. Kain J.S., Polyansky O.L., Tennyson J., The ground-state potential energy surface of water: barrier to linearity and its effect on the vibration-rotation levels, Chemical Physics Letters, 317: (3-5) 365-371 FEB 4 (2000).
    5. Klapper G., Lewen F., Belov S.P., Winnewisser G., Sub-Doppler measurements and rotational spectrum of (CO)-C13-O18, Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung Section A-A Journal of Physical Sciences, 55, (3-4) 441-443 MAR-APR (2000).
    6. Klapper G., Lewen F., Gendriesch R., Belov S.P., Winnewisser G., Sub-Doppler measurements of the rotational spectrum of (CO)-C13-O16, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 201, (1) 124-127 MAY (2000).
    7. Morino I., Yamada K.M.T., Belov S.P., Winnewisser G., Herbst E., The CF radical: Terahertz spectrum and detectability in space, ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 532, (1) 377-383, Part 1 MAR 20 2000.
    8. Morino I., Yamada K.M.T., Klein H., Belov S.P., Winnewisser G., Bocquet R., Wlodarczak G., Lodyga W., Kreglewski M., Terahertz rotational spectra of NH2OH in the ground and some low excited vibrational states, Journal Of Molecular Structure, 517, 367-373 FEB 16 (2000).
    9. A.M. Schitov, G.Yu. Golubyatnikov, M.Yu. Tretyakov, S.A. Volokhov, and A. Walters, Frequency Multipliers for Extension of Frequency Range of Millimeter Wave Synthesizers, Int. J. of IR and MM Waves, 21, No. 9, 1479-1488, (2000).
    10. A.F. Krupnov, M.Yu. Tretyakov, V.V. Parshin, V.N. Shanin, S.E. Myasnikova, Modern Millimeterwave Resonator Spectroscopy of Broad Lines, J. Molec. Spectrosc, 202, 107115 (2000).
    11. N.F. Zobov, D. Belmiloud, O.L. Polyansky, J. Tennyson, S.V. Shirin, M. Carleer, A. Jenouvrier, A.-C. Vandaele, P.F. Bernath, M.F. Merienne, R. Colin, The Near Ultraviolet Rotation Vibration Spectrum of Water, J. Chem. Phys, 113, 1546 1552 (2000).
    12. Kozin I.N., Roberts R.M., Tennyson J., Relative equilibria of D2H+ and H2D+ Molecular Physics, 98: (5) 295-307 MAR 10 (2000).
    13. N.F. Zobov, O.L. Polyansky, V.N. Savin, S.V. Shirin, Assignment of quantum numbers calculated highly exited energy levels of water molecule, Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics, V. 13, N. 12, 1024-1028, (2000).

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