MicroWave Spectroscopy Laboratory

List of publications 1994

Our scientific articles (1994)
    1. G. Winnewisser, A.F. Krupnov, M.Yu. Tretyakov, M. Liedtke, F.Lewen, A.H. Saleck, R.Schieder, A.P. Shkaev, S.A. Volokhov, Precision broad band spectroscopy in the Terahertz region, J. Mol. Spectrosc, 165, 294 - 300 (1994).
    2. A.F. Krupnov, Molecules of astrophysical interest: recent submillimeter and infrared spectra, Infrared Phys. Technol, 35, 267- 276 (1994).
    3. A.F. Krupnov, S.P. Belov, G. Winnewisser, J. Behrend, M. Liedtke,R. Schieder, K.M.T. Yamada, E. Herbst, The rQ2-branch of HOOH at 1.05 THz, Zs. Naturforsch, 49 a, 525 - 529 (1994).
    4. O.L. Polyansky, P. Jensen, J. Tennyson, A Spectroscopically Determined Potential Energy Surface for Ground State of H2O: A New Level of Accuracy, Journal of Chemical Physics, 101, 7651 - 7657 (1994).
    5. Tennyson J, Polyansky Ol, Non-Born-Oppenheimer Correction to the H3+ Potential From Experimental-data, Physical Review A , 50, (1) 314-316 JUL (1994).
    6. S.P. Belov, M. Liedtke, Th. Klaus, R. Schieder, A.H. Saleck, J. Behrend, K.M.T. Yamada, G. Winnewisser, A.F. Krupnov, Precision measurements of the rQ2 at 700 GHz and rQ3 Branch at 980 GHz of HSSH, J. Molec. Spectrosc. 166, 489-494 (1994).
    7. F.J.Lovas, S.P.Belov, M.Yu. Tretyakov. J. Ortigoso and R.D.Suenram, The Microwave Spectrum and Structure of the CH3-CO Dimer, J. Mol. Spectrosc, 167, 191-204 (1994).
    8. D. Papousek, L. Demaison, G. Wlodarczak, J. Cosleou, P. Pracna, S. Klee, M. Winnewisser, S.P. Belov, M.Yu. Tretyakov, Rotational Spectra of 13CH3F in the v2=1 and v5=1 Vibrational States. J. Mol. Spectrosc, 164, 338 - 350 (1994).
    9. V.N. Markov, Temperature Dependence of Self-Induced Pressure Broadening and Shift of the 643-550 Line of the Water Molecule, J. Mol. Spectrosc, 164, 233 - 238 (1994).
    10. I.N. Kozin P. Jensen, Fourfold Clusters of Rovibrational Energy Levels for H2S Studied with a Potential Energy Surface Derived from Experiment. Journ. Molec. Spectrosc, 163, 483 - 509 (1994).
    11. M.Yu. Tretyakov, I.N. Kozin, and W.J. Lafferty, Investigation of Submillimeter-Wave Spectrum of SO2, Internal report N. 351 IAP RAS, Niznii Novgorod, (1994).
    12. A.F. Krupnov, O.P. Pavlovsky, Commercial Frequency Synthesizer of the 118 GHz - 178 GHz Range, Int. J. of IR and MM Waves, 15, 10, 1611 - 1624 (1994).
    13. Th. Klaus, S.P. Belov, A.H. Saleck, G. Winnewisser, E. Herbst, Rotational Spectrum of SO in the Terahertz Region. J. Molec. Spectrosc, v.168, p. 235-247 , (1994).
    14. Domenech JL, Andrews AM, Belov SP, Fraser GT, Lafferty WJ, Infrared Diode-Laser Spectra of the nu9 and nu11 N-O Stretching Bands of N2O4, Journal of Chemical Physics, 100, (10) 6993-6999 MAY 15 (1994).

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