MicroWave Spectroscopy Laboratory

List of publications 1992

Our scientific articles (1992)
    1. A.F. Krupnov, V.N. Markov, Temperature dependence of 313-220 water line self-broadening, Optika atmosfery i okeana, 5, 214 - 215, (1992).
    2. A.F. Krupnov, Microwave spectroscopy, article in "Physical Encyclopaedia", vol. 3, pp. 133 - 134, "Big Russian Encyclopaedia", M, (1992).
    3. S.P.Belov, M.Yu.Tretyakov, R.D.Suenram, Improved Laboratory Rest Frequency Measurements and Pressure Shift and Broadening Parameters for the J=2-1 and J=3-2 Rotational Transitions of Carbon Monoxide, The Astrophysical Journal, v.393, N2, p. 848-851, (1992).
    4. I.N.Kozin, S.P.Belov, O.L.Polyansky, M.Yu.Tretyakov, Submillimeter-wave Spectrum of H2Se. Evidence of Fourfold Clustering of Rotational Levels, J. Mol. Spectr., v. 152, pp. 13-28, (1992).
    5. M.Yu.Tretyakov, S.P.Belov, I.N.Kozin, O.L.Polyansky, Submillimeter-wave Spectrum of H2Se. Analysis of Rotational Spectra of All Selenium Isotopomers in the Ground State, J.Mol.Spectr., v.154, p.163-168, (1992).
    6. I.N. Kozin, O.L. Polyansky, S.I. Pripolzin and V.L. Vaks, Millimeter Wave Transitions of H2Se, J. Molec. Spectrosc., 156, 504-506 (1992).
    7. Polyansky O.L., Tennyson J., On the Convergence of Effective Hamiltonian Expansions, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 154, (2) 246-251 AUG (1992).

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