MicroWave Spectroscopy Laboratory

List of publications 1991

Our scientific articles (1991)
    1. S.P.Belov, M.Yu.Tretyakov, P.Pracna, D.Papousek, K.Sarka, Submillimeter-Wave Spectra of 12CH3F in the nu2=1 and nu5=1 Vibrational States, J. Mol. Spectr, v.146, No.1, p. 120-126, (1991).
    2. S.P.Belov, M.Yu.Tretyakov, D.Papousek, P.Pracna, R.Tesar, J.Kauppinen, High resolution Fourier Transform and Submillimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of the nu3 and 2nu3-nu3 Bands of 13CH3F, J.Mol.Spectr, v. 146, No.1, pp.127-134, (1991).
    3. Vanderauwera J., Johns J.W.C., Polyansky O.L., The Far Infrared-Spectrum of C3O2, Journal of Chemical Physics, 95, (4) 2299-2316 AUG 15 (1991).
    4. Papousek D., Tesar R., Pracna P., Civis S., Winnewisser M., Belov S.P., Tretyakov M.Yu., High-Resolution Fourier-Transform and Submillimeter-Wave Study of the nu6-Band of 12CH3F, J. Molec. Spectroscopy, 147, (2) 279-299 JUN (1991).

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