MicroWave Spectroscopy Laboratory

List of publications 1990

Our scientific articles (1990)
    1. S.P. Belov, E.N. Karyakin, I.N. Kozin, A.F. Krupnov, O.L.Polyansky, M.Yu. Tretyakov, N.F. Zobov, R.D. Suenram, W.J. Lafferty, Tunneling–rotational spectrum of the Hydrogen Fluoride Dimer, J. Mol. Spectrosc, 141, 204-222 (1990).
    2. Yu.I. Alekhin, G.M. Altshuller, O.P. Pavlovsky, E.N. Karyakin, A.F. Krupnov, D.G. Paveliev, A.P. Shkaev, Frequency synthesizers up to 370 GHz, Int. J. of IR and MM Waves, 11, 961 - 972, (1990).
    3. Polyansky O.L, Mckellar ARW, Improved Analysis of the Infrared-Spectrum of D2H+, Journal of Chemical Physics, 92, (7) 4039-4043 APR 1 (1990).
    4. Papousek D, Pracna P, Tesar R, Belov SP, Tretyakov MY, Submillimetrewave Spectroscopy of the Pure Rotational Transitions in the nu6=1 Vibrational-State of 12CH3F, Vibrational Spectroscopy, 1, (2) 167-171 DEC 14 (1990).

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